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Paths for Organizational Resilience

By Regan MacBain Traub, CPC | March 23, 2020

On Saturday, our firm ‘celebrated’ its 25 years in business… not with hoopla but, with serious reflection about the current state of organizations across the Northeast. We’ve been renegades, implementing integrated systems in human resource management and organization development since we opened on March 21, 1995. And, we’ve worked as a virtual team for 25 years.

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High Value, Low Investment: HR as Organizational Value AcceleratorSM

By Regan MacBain Traub, CPC, SPHR

Want to learn about The HRC’s leading-edge methodology that has successfully upgraded HR’s capability? Not only is it efficient and cost-effective, more importantly, it accelerates HR’s value in the eyes of leaders and speeds culture-shifting results in less than 50% of the time.

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Diversity and Inclusion Success: Critical Factors for Effective and Rapid Transformation

By Regan MacBain Traub, CPC, Founder & Managing Principal | March 20, 2020

Organizations have been investing valuable resources in diversity and inclusion initiatives for decades. However, many have not been successful in achieving levels of Acceptance or Inclusion, much less Collaboration. What does it take to make sure your efforts win a meaningful return on investment?

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Non Profit Total Rewards Strategy: Earning Your Return on Investment

By Marc Kroll, Sr. Total Rewards Consultant

Non Profits continue to feel the squeeze of declining governmental funding, pressures to perform to prevail with grantmakers and the fast-rising costs of salaries and benefits in a tightened labor market. How can a nonprofit win in the vicious cycle of making sure funding mechanisms support your needs for the right talent to be in place to deliver the performance you need to earn the grant funding?

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