“When I had determined that the then existing HR structure was failing to meet the needs of the organization, I brought The HRC into my organization. I saw high levels of employee turnover, employee dissatisfaction that was translating into substandard client care and an apparent disconnect between what our roles were and what the job descriptions and related competencies were. When we engaged The HRC it was literally for them to create a plan that would support the organizational culture that I had convinced the Board to adopt when I was hired. We chose The HRC after looking at several different firms that had been suggested to us. I was looking for someone/some entity that had the broad and deep exposure to service providing organizations. The HRC was the clear winner as far as the breadth of their experience, the quality of their team and the company’s ability to augment its team of consultants with additional expertise when needed.

Over the 4+ year period that we have worked with The HRC, they have delivered each product on time and at or below budget projection. They have been extremely accommodating to our revenue cycles, oftentimes giving us the option to break a large project down into smaller units that fit our budget and workforce demands. We have used The HRC for audit and workforce analysis, employee relations, design and creation of job descriptions and competitive compensation analysis, performance based evaluation design, mandatory State and Fed employee reporting, management training and even HR leadership recruitment.

We have been very pleased and confident in the quality of their work. Staff are knowledgeable, professional, experienced and, perhaps most importantly, people of great character and sincerity. They believe in their work and believe in the value of the work that their clients do. They have often gone “the extra mile” to accommodate our learning curve and our willingness to change and adapt. Finally, as with anything that we commit our financial resources to, we look for value—I can say without hesitation that the consultation and support that we have purchased from The HRC over the years has been of extraordinary value. The organization and our people have benefitted greatly from The HRC’s efforts and advice. We consider them an essential business partner. It is without any reservation that I would strongly encourage organizations to consider them as a strategic partner of their organization.”