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Workplace Culture Shifts: Where Are We?

cultural transformation diagramOrganization, from the Latin word organum, means “to form into a whole, consisting of interdependent parts.”

Without question, organizations need to support and celebrate the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of their team within respectful, caring and inclusive environments where collaboration and teamwork are championed and rewarded to spur greater innovation and organizational success.

And, just as important, leaders need to ensure their employees’ grasp and connection with their organizational mission, vision and strategy to create a work environment where everyone on the team is working as a “whole.” Important to Note: highly effective internal communication strategies and plans are essential to achieve a ‘one team’ mindset.

Unfortunately, significant efforts (and cost) to unify employees through DEI(B)1 initiatives have largely not been able to keep pace with demands for cultural transformation. A little-known nuance within DEI is that professionals in this work tend to primarily focus on one letter (D, E, or I). The HRC’s team focuses on the “I” (Inclusion). We guide discovery across all dimensions of diversity to educate that diversity is inclusive of everyone. Inclusion cultivates collaboration and innovation… that which all organizations rely on for their sustainability.

Our success in DEI initiatives for more than 25 years has been consistently heralded by clients… whether completing a DEI transformation to enable a large-scale growth strategy in 5 years when a best practice 10-year timeline is widely accepted or successfully moving the mindsets and actions of a highly resistant (after 10 years of effort) yet critical function within only three, half days of facilitated education for the division to win the Chairman’s Award.

Our current social climate is influencing fragmented behaviors. People are experiencing numerous, simultaneous culture shocks and intensified rifts within our homes, academic institutions, organizations, and communities. Teams are being challenged by needs for disparate footholds.

Talk with us. Our focus is unifying your organization and its people to collaborate, innovate, and succeed in your marketplace with the inclusion of the rich perspectives and talent of a diverse workforce.

DEIB in < 5 Years

The HRC has developed and implemented a proprietary, rapid culture shift methodology that proves we can accelerate a full DEIB culture shift from a best-case scenario of ten years to less than five.

Leading the Edge to Humanistic Workplace Cultures

Given the current, complex state of where we are, what should we do?
We’ve got to shift our focus to root cause analysis and engage fundamental levers of human behavior.

culture equation

Humanism and increasing engagement will spur greater innovation and higher levels of resilience in a workforce, complex change accelerate and saturate our workplaces. In addition to well-formed vision, strategy and aligned culture, the degree to which leaders and employees tap into their discretionary energy (aka high employee engagement) and embrace needed change, a sustainable organizational future is far more likely.

Did you know that 233% customer loyalty (retention and referral)1 is derived from high employee engagement? What would that mean to your top and bottom lines?

1. "Employee Engagement: Paving the Way to Happy Customers” by Aberdeen Group, August 2015

What is Culture?

7 cultural elements“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” How many times have we been reminded of Peter Drucker’s quote by our own or others’ experiences? Organizational culture also provides a sustainable competitive edge that is arduous to replicate. So what is culture? Culture is not what you aspire to have. It’s what exists.

Many organizations tend to focus on a few, but not all, of the seven cultural elements. In what ways does your organization experience your culture differently than as it’s presented?

Some Basic Constructs for Humanistic Work Environments:

  • Reciprocal Leadership Practices
  • Compelling Employee Experience Statements
  • Best-in-Class Employment Branding & Communications
  • Applicant-Centric Interview Experiences Aligned with Your Strategy & Culture
  • Exceptional Onboarding Experience
  • Engaging and Integrated Talent Management System
  • High Impact, Experiential Training and Development
  • Clearly Defined Competencies for Career Pathing Options
  • Culturally Aligned, Employee Needs-based and Market-Competitive Total Rewards

The HRC is a proven team of experts in developing and implementing aligned and integrated, world class human resource and human experience systems and practices. We develop leadership and work environments to engender employee trust, engagement, performance, resilience, and social capital. Our unparalleled understanding, expertise, processes, and tools guide organizations through more rapid and successful culture shifts, placing the focus on enabling the primary driver to profitability… the employee.

“We’ve all valued our time with you and Yvonne. You have imparted such valuable guidance and inspiration. It has been a wonderful collaboration with The HR Consortium.”

Executive, Quasi-Governmental Agency

"The HRC team brought new insights, clear thinking, a crisp business focus and energy to our Company. The consultants were extremely knowledgeable, excellent listeners, and culturally and politically sensitive. The combined business experience showed through with excellent design and superb execution. The HRC is different from other vendors in that they truly care about delivering value and making an impact."

Diversity Director, F100 Financial Services

Organizational Culture & DEI Case Studies

Governmental Diversity Disaster to Partnered Success

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Rapid DEI F100 Culture Shift

A financial services’ industry leader set course to aggressively pursue emerging markets to build marketshare. Their most successful and largest revenue-producing sales group was charged with leading this endeavor. However, the sales group was largely homogeneous in gender and race and had rebuffed a need to diversify in staff composition to resemble their clients and…

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Business Case for Shared Services

Three weeks prior to the Global Leadership Team Meeting, the Global CEO had announced his plan to dismantle the shared services structure they had formed a few years before, supporting 20 IBUs. The North America CEO felt the Shared Services Model was working effectively that it was worth a ‘fight’ to save it. Contacted by…

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Accelerated Culture Shift Enables Record-Time Expansion Strategy

The HRC was referred by a Fortune 500 client to one of its clients – a privately-held, 2,000 employee, eastern seaboard-based retail organization. It needed D&I advisory consulting and training support to design, develop, commence, guide, and help implement a diversity and inclusion initiative to support rapid expansion into new, diverse markets in five (5)…

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