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work life balance

Elevating Employee Experience: Unleashing Power of State of the Art Total Rewards Philosophies

In the competitive landscape of talent acquisition and retention, it’s important that organizations recognize the significance of a robust Total Rewards Philosophy and approach. A strategic approach goes beyond traditional compensation structures and health benefits, encompassing a holistic view of the value employees earn including time off, education reimbursements, retirement benefits, HSA, FSA, financial education,…

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Executive Coaching – It’s Truer Value

Two data points that point strongly to the advantage coaching can bring to leaders and organizations were recently cited by a Forbes article (Every Leader Can Benefit from Coaching. Here’s Why by Benjamin Laker, October 2022). Harvard Business Review research concluded that coaching boosts productivity by 44%. The International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) commissioned study reported…

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glass half full or empty

2024 Speculation and Debate: Half Full or Half Empty Organizational EX Glass?

While many business investors (including PE firms) have been citing concerns of a likely recession since 2022, a recent article “EX1 Freeze” by Fast Company’s Jared Lindzon (and published in the Hartford Courant on Sunday, November 26, 2023), is concerning, certainly not shocking.  Key excerpts included: “All the signs point toward economic turbulence for next…

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Soaring in the War on Talent Acquisition

In the race to win the war on talent, the best move may be to first stop, gather insights, and reflect… Today’s competitive market is fierce to acquire, hire, and retain the unique, best talent for your firm with talent that ultimately creates critical market differentiation.  However, when have you last taken the time to…

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sun hands

Elevating Resilience and Engagement with Gratitude

Recently en route to deliver an inspirational and educational keynote for a client on the future direction of HR, I was musing upon what I could additionally bring to life from reflection on my mother’s recent passing that would benefit this group’s mindset and focus to increase employee engagement, performance, and retention. A memory flashed…

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Gallup 2023 Global Workforce Study

With more than 1,000 employed participants (ages 15+) from each of the 160+ countries that have participated in the survey process since 2005, Gallup completed its data gathering between April 2022 and March 2023, and just published its most recent study on the global workplace. Gallup’s 99-page report State of the Global Workplace 2023 Report:…

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DEI search

A Profound Nuance in DEI

Are your DEI initiative(s) focused on the “D”, the “E”, or the “I”? Did you know it makes a difference? What are the impacts? Leading a comprehensive Human Resource Management (“HRM”), Organization Development (“OD”), and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (“DEI”) consultancy since 1995, I’ve recently heard statements related to DEI that lead me to…

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TR Strategy for Non-Profits: Earn Return on Your “Investment”

For most nonprofits, the recent past has been hard given significant workplace and labor market change. With many clients, the last few years have presented unique and difficult challenges including: Pandemic workplace changes; FLSA changes; Labor market scarcity; How work is performed; Intensified grant-maker scrutiny to fund on a ROI basis; Increasing costs of healthcare…

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