Significantly Higher Culture / DEI Shift, Leadership Development, HR & OD, Change Management & Retained Search Consulting Service Performance & Value

Integrate HR & OD to soar performance and value by 400%. And add another 233% in customer loyalty (retention and referral). All through enhancing your People (HR & OD) systems and practices. How else might your organization benefit from that sizable lift?

Why should business and HR leaders want to implement integrated and aligned systems in HR?

“Striking and Compelling” Research

When the Ulrich-Brockbank team completed and published their research in 2017 with 32,000 participants across 1,200 organizations, they discovered “striking and compelling” evidence.

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Since 1995, our consultants have been integrating and aligning HR & OD structure and systems.

  • “When HR departments function as integrated organizations, they have approximately four times the impact on business performance.2
  • Through highly effective leadership and HR, high employee engagement creates over twice customer loyalty.1
  • The value that HR organizations create for line managers is four times greater than that of HR individuals.”2
  • HR’s impact on the value created for investors and owners is well over three times the impact of siloed HR talent.2
  • Aligned and integrated HR has approximately twice the impact of individual talent on the communities and regulators.2

1. Aberdeen Group, 2017.
2. Victory Through Organization by Ulrich, Kryscynski, Ulrich, Brockbank. McGraw-Hill 2017. Note: Globally, David Ulrich, Ph.D. is renowned as the Father of Modern HR.

The HRC services Venn Diagram

Clear Lines of Sight Make a World of Difference.

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Peter Senge, renowned for systems thinking and Learning Organizations, identified 2 “archetypes” that impair organizational success.

  • Limits to Growth. Remove factors (structures, behaviors) limiting growth
  • Shifting the Burden. Find the underlying issue(s) causing the symptoms.  Refrain from symptomatic solutions.3
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To build an organization’s (and HR’s) performance and value… Take the obstacles out of performance and make it easier for employees to:

  • Perform to their greatest level
  • Enjoy their work and feel successful
  • Acquire, retain, reward and advance great talent

3. Paraphrased from The Fifth Discipline, The Art & Practice of the Learning Organization by Peter M. Senge. Doubleday, 1990.

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Elevate Performance & Value

With our extensive experience in assessing and implementing integrated systems in HR & OD, here’s what we typically find

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HR Findings Table

And, in August 2015, published research1 by Aberdeen Group proved a 233% increase in Customer Loyalty (customer retention, expansion, and referral) from effective Employee Engagement efforts.  Their data pointed to striking results in examination of organizations with formalized employee engagement efforts to provide employees with the right knowledge, technical tools, clarified goals and performance expectations, financial and non-financial incentives for goal accomplishment, clear career development pathing to advance their careers, and effective organizational communication (versus organizations that did not):

  • 64% increase in annual employee engagement;
  • 26% greater year-over-year increase in annual revenue;
  • 287% annual improvement in average sales cycle;
  • 333% greater annual customer win-back rate; and
  • 520% annual improvement in first contact resolution.

These ‘Best-in-Class’ organizations with formal employee engagement programs (over those which did not):

  • Regularly utilized employee engagement surveys by 14%;
  • More frequently utilized performance management systems by 26%;
  • Are 201% more likely to use customer feedback to develop and retain talent; and
  • Were 537% more focused on correlating employee engagement with voice of customer (VoC) data and effectively aligning goals and performance with employee rewards to escalate customer loyalty by 233%.

1. Employee Engagement: Paving the Way to Happy Customers, Aberdeen Group, August, 2015.

“When I had determined that our existing HR structure was failing to meet the needs of the organization, I brought The HRC into my organization. I saw high levels of employee turnover, employee dissatisfaction that was translating into substandard client care and an apparent disconnect between what our roles were and what the job descriptions and related competencies were. We engaged The HRC to create a plan that would support the organizational culture that I had convinced the Board to adopt. We chose The HRC after looking at several different firms that had been suggested to us. I was looking for an entity that had the broad and deep exposure to service providing organizations. The HRC was the clear winner as far as the breadth of their experience, the quality of their team and the company’s ability to augment its team of consultants with additional expertise when needed.

Over the 4+ year period that we worked with The HRC, they delivered on time and at or below budget projection. They have been extremely accommodating to our revenue cycles to fit our budget and workforce demands. We have used The HRC for audit and workforce analysis, employee relations, creation of job descriptions and competitive compensation analysis, performance based evaluation design, mandatory State and Fed employee reporting, management training and HR leadership recruitment.

We have been very pleased and confident in the quality of their work. Staff are knowledgeable, professional, experienced and, perhaps most importantly, people of great character. I can say without hesitation that the support from The HRC over the years has been of extraordinary value. The organization and our people have benefitted greatly from The HRC’s efforts and advice. I would strongly encourage organizations to consider them as a strategic partner of their organization.”

Healthcare CEO

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How will aligned and integrated HR & OD systems accelerate your organization’s performance?

What will it mean for your organization if HR is the catalyst for a significant hike in organizational wellness and value while becoming known as a value creator rather than a cost center?