Our Leading Edge Culture / DEI Shifting, Leadership Development, HR & OD, Change Management & Retained Search Team

With each client, our innovative powerhouse of senior (only), innovative experts co-create and implement an incomparable culture for your employees to thrive, elevates customer loyalty, and accelerates the realization of strategy. Unequaled in our relentless customization, integrated systems expertise, and extraordinary ‘high touch,’ we generate trust, teaming, collaboration, innovation, resilience, unfailing change management, and ‘Mission Impossible’ wins.

Regan Traub

Regan MacBain Traub, CPC

Founder and Managing Principal
The HRC Team Consultant

Yvonne Alverio

DEI & Collaboration Practice Leader and Executive Coach
The HRC Team Consultant

Gregg Barratt

Sr. HR & OD Consultant
Bridget Brown

Bridget K. Brown

Senior Training & Development Consultant
Valerie Davis-Howard

Valerie Davis-Howard, MBA

Sr. DEI & Collaboration Consultant and Executive Coach
Gary Decker

Gary Decker

Sr. HR, Organization Development & Change Management Consultant and Executive Coach
Beth Frechette

Beth Frechette

Sr. HR, Organization Development & DEI Consultant and Executive Coach
The HRC Team Consultant

Bob Fricchione, M.Ed.

HR Practice Leader
The HRC Team Consultant

Paul Harpin, Ph.D.

Executive Coach
The HRC Team Consultant

Marc Kroll, M.A.

Sr. Total Rewards Consultant
Kawel LauBach

Kawel B. LauBach

HR & OD Practice Leader and Executive Coach
The HRC Team Consultant

Kathy Molloy, MA, MBA

Organization Design and Development Practice Leader & Executive Coach
Calvin Morgan

Calvin Morgan

Senior Organization Development Consultant
The HRC Team Consultant

Fran Morton

Change Management Practice Leader & Sr. HR Consultant
Glenn Powell

Glenn Powell, Esq.

Senior HR Consultant
The HRC Team Consultant

Chris Rose

Sr. Talent Acquisition Consultant
The HRC Team Consultant

Marci B. Sternheim, Ph.D.

NonProfit Organization Development Practice Leader & Executive Coach
Doug Stewart

Doug Stewart, MBA

Sr. Total Rewards & HR Consultant
Robert Macbain

For the first 25 years of our firm’s history, I was blessed with the insight, wisdom, encouragement and partnership of my father by my side to develop and lead The Human Resource Consortium. He passed in 2021. Thank you, Dad, for the gifts of strategic thinking (teaching me to play chess and to sail when I was 8), the courage to lead a path less chosen, mindset to instill business in the heart of HR, the balance of solid analytics with grounded intuition, exceptional integrity, and humility which you have shared with me throughout your life. You have been an inspiration and grounding force. Your sage spirit and advice will remain with us and those we mentor, going forward.