Leadership Development

Create a More Empowered and Attuned Leadership Competitive Edge

Today, the trust, humility, cohesion, inclusiveness, and compassion of a competent leadership team matters more than ever. Ensure your leadership team effectively champions strategies, change, and communications that engage internal and external stakeholders.

Customized Leadership Development Consulting Services

For over a decade, employee engagement surveys tell us cohesion, inclusiveness, humility, compassion, and trustworthiness of a competent leadership team matters more than ever. Yet, building an effective (dare we even say, exceptional), humanistic leadership team has never been more challenging. The stakes are exceedingly high… organizational survivability, personal reputation, and career success are clearly at risk.


  • Years of consistent engagement survey results where trust, sense of inclusion, empathy and compassion, effective communication and other leader attributes have escalated above the importance of compensation and benefits. This remains true for most organizations unless compensation is blatantly low to market;
  • Those with esteemed leaders and cultures continue to experience overabundant talent pipelines and maintain high retention, some with pay levels below market average. Why? Mission, culture, leadership, career development, and an opportunity to be fully embraced for who you are matters.
  • Nonstop social media exposure – blessing and/or curse; and
  • Unrelenting, rapid, and complex change continues to challenge most industries and organizations including residual pandemic concerns, customer demands and supply chain insecurities, global competition, technology security, and emotional as well as physical safety.
Regan Traub, HR Leader

How do we help clients to create a stronger internal and external leadership competitive edge?

Individual and Team Assessment

  • Organization-wide Surveys, Interviews, and Focus Groups
  • Validated Self and Multi-Rater Leadership Assessments
  • Shared Services’ Efficacy
  • Career Counseling & Planning

Leadership Development

  • Competency Models
  • Succession Planning
  • Leadership Needs Assessment
  • Leadership Development Systems, Conferences, & Forums
  • Leadership Team Project Facilitation, Feedback, & Coaching

Leader Championship in Culture Shifting & Change

  • Diversity, Inclusion (Belonging), Collaboration, & Equity
  • Employee Engagement
  • Exceptional Customer Experience
  • Humanism
  • Performance & Accountability
  • Teaming (Virtual & Global)

Leadership Development Case Studies

Exceeding Expectations… Complex Healthcare CEO Search

The Board Chair had become familiar with The HRC’s successful work with other nonprofit healthcare organizations with which he was associated. The HRC interviewed with this unique organization’s Board’s Search Committee given his understanding of our highly customized consultation, ‘deep dive’ data gathering, and high value-added support. After interviewing with the Board committee against two…

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Entire Global Leadership Team Succession Plan and Transition in Only 3 Years

A new entrepreneurial, emerging markets division with operations on three continents was acquired by a global financial services enterprise. The pre-existing senior team could remain in place for only two years after leadership by a CEO for twenty years. Organization-wide leadership competence and succession planning had never been developed or executed. With losses during the…

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Effective Succession Through Leadership Teaming

A steadily growing professional services firm which had just merged with another sizable firm was facing a succession dilemma. Their long-standing Managing Partner was ready to scale back and succession planning was not in place. Their top producer as well as a couple other partners were interested in the Managing Partner role. However, the incumbent…

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