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With comprehensive HR & OD expertise bandwidth and extensive professional association connections on our team, we’re happy to provide a helping hand to those who may have less insight or connections.  We hope this information develops greater awareness, advances thinking and outcomes and improves connectedness with valued peers.  This page will continue to evolve over time to provide timely support of identified needs.

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  • Transform HR from a cost center to value-creating asset?
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To share valued insights and expertise with business and HR leaders and professionals, members of our team have written articles we believe you will find of value. It’s an opportunity for you to learn about strategies, trends, different perspectives, practices and more.

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The HRC’s team is well connected within the HR and OD profession – locally, regionally, nationally, and beyond.  The provided links are those we feel provide meaningful value to our team and clients.  We hope they bring you new knowledge and connections.

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