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What Great Leaders Will Focus on Now

By Regan MacBain Traub, Founder and Managing Principal with HR Practice Leaders Robert Fricchione, M.Ed. and Gavin Pommernelle, MBA

Around the world, organization leaders are reeling from the sense of drinking through multiple firehoses simultaneously while attempting to figure out how to quickly reposition themselves to weather and emerge from the potentially high impact of COVID-19. Many larger retailers shuttered their brick and mortar operations, laid off or furloughed employees and looked to their online business as a lifeline. The hit to businesses in, and suppliers to, the travel and entertainment industry will be difficult to surmount with slower recovery periods. The economic stimulus package will help some. The path forward will be daunting.

The clock is ticking…
Will your organization be ready to successfully surge or re-emerge?
What will great leaders do differently?

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Ulrich-Brockbank Team’s Research Proves:
Integrated HR & OD Organizations Deliver Much Higher Value1.

  • 4X greater impact to business performance
  • 4X the value to line managers
  • Over 3X greater value to investors and owners
  • More than 2X the value to external customers
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1 “Victory Through Organization” by Ulrich, Kryscynski, Ulrich & Brockbank, McGraw-Hill, 2017. Note: Globally, David Ulrich, Ph.D. has long been considered the Father of Modern Human Resource Management.
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The Human Resource Consortium has been a leader in designing and implementing integrated HR & OD systems for 25 years.

We ‘get’ the value of integrated systems in HR & OD and you will, too.

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Increasingly Complex Organizational Challenges.

You need a game-changing HR mindset, strategy and capability. Our work contributes to greater organizational sustainability.

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  • Racing the Competition… Customers, Market Share, Margins, Innovations & Speed to Market, Funding and Sustainability
  • Changing Structure… Acquisition, Merger, Divestiture, Centralization, Consolidation, Regionalization, and Collaboration
  • Critical Culture Shifting… Performance & Accountability, Digitalization, D&I, Collaboration and Innovation
  • Rising Stakeholder Scrutiny… Respect, Fairness, Inclusion, Transparency and Workplace Safety
  • Tightening Labor Markets… Shortages of Critical Talent and Total Rewards Affordability and Competitiveness
  • Staying Ahead of Regulatory Changes and Political Uncertainty
  • Leveraging Rapidly Accelerating Technology Innovations
  • Managing Sky-Rocketing Information and Demands for Meaningful Analytics
  • And more…
HR Clear Lines of Sight

What Employers Typically ‘Get’ When People Strive to Work to the Best of Their Ability?

In most organizations, siloed HR sub-functions and systems create a veritable Pandora’s Box. Employer impact is costly… lost productivity and performance, missed speed to market, higher turnover and use of sick time, difficulty in acquiring top talent, etc.

The Human Resource Consortium aligns HR systems policies, practices and communications to each organization’s unique strategy and culture… creating a ‘Clear Line of Sight’ and integrated mega-system… enabling higher employee performance and engagement.

What do you stand to gain by creating Clear Lines of Sight? What will it cost you if you don’t?

How is HR contributing value to solve your greatest challenges?