Change Management

HR-Fueled Change Management Finesse

Since 1995, we’ve been providing expert change management consulting services to clients. In fact, Change Management has been at the core of our work. It’s embedded in most everything we do. The HRC’s Change Management expertise and highly customized approaches guide clients’ change management initiatives to soaring success, even in Change Management Rescue.

Leverage HR-based Change Management Strengths

With significant investments in Organizational Change Management (OCM), especially post-Covid, McKinsey’s findings of an average of 70% failure or 30% success rate in OCM initiatives bode abysmal for bottom lines. However, McKinsey’s studies also found that Change Management success soars to an 80% success rate when HR-based, change management strengths are leveraged.

Validating McKinsey’s findings on Change Management success, David Ulrich, Ph.D. reported1 in his most recent global study on HR best practices’ value that the second most impactful competency in HR is that of Culture and Change Champion. Unfortunately, change management expertise within the HR profession remains a deficit at this time, contributing to the extremely high failure rate of change management in organizations.2

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Organizational Change Management Experts

Since 1995, Change Management has been at the core of our work as it’s embedded in most everything we do. Our team includes proven experts in Organizational Change Management including:

  • OCM Initiatives’ Design and Development;
  • Success Metrics and Measurement;
  • Communication Strategies, Plans, and Support;
  • Initiative Leadership, Partnership, or Capacity Development; and
  • OCM Rescue.

We firmly believe in and deliver on building our clients’ knowledge and capability through active knowledge and skill transfer. To improve your change management track record, we can support your organization in four (4) different ways:

  • train and equip your team with knowledge and tools to elevate their capability;
  • actively partner with your change management leader to contribute the HR change management expertise to assure your higher success rate;
  • fulfill a role as a change management leader to effectively guide a change initiative and develop your internal capability throughout the process; or
  • rescue a problematic change management initiative.

“We have been very pleased and confident in the quality of the HRC's work. The staff are knowledgeable, professional, experienced and, perhaps most importantly, people of great character. I can say without hesitation that the support from The HRC over the years has been of extraordinary value. The organization and our people have benefitted greatly from The HRC’s efforts and advice."

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Change Management Case Studies

Turnaround to Success

A hospital under a new senior leadership team was embarking on a carefully orchestrated turnaround. It needed an accurate assessment of the HR function to assure compliance and efficacy. To gain objective and subjective data, we conducted our proprietary HR function assessment survey with first and second tier managers to identify critical trends as well…

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From Transactional to ‘Business-Minded’ NonProfit HR Function

A non-profit community provider with 1200+ employees and union contracts felt its HR function was heavily staffed and not meeting the needs of the organization. The General Counsel and CFO felt it was time for HR to become a valued function under a new CEO’s leadership. The HRC was chartered to partner with the General…

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Global High Tech Rapid Expansion

A rapidly growing, global high-tech manufacturer with strong R&D function, had been operating quietly and growing moderately on a sizable campus in Connecticut. Due to shifts in locations of production lines and substantially increased demand for products, their staffing needs were about to skyrocket from a level of thirty-five hires per year to sixty hires…

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High Tech Creativity for Rapid Growth

A 175 employee internet-based high tech that served as its industry leader was in rapid growth and planning for a potential IPO. The Board of Directors mandated a high performing HR function and a VP, HR to fuel the company’s growth without loss of the creative, friendly and fun culture. During the first two years…

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Accelerated Culture Shift Enables Record-Time Expansion Strategy

The HRC was referred by a Fortune 500 client to one of its clients – a privately-held, 2,000 employee, eastern seaboard-based retail organization. It needed D&I advisory consulting and training support to design, develop, commence, guide, and help implement a diversity and inclusion initiative to support rapid expansion into new, diverse markets in five (5)…

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Effective Succession Through Leadership Teaming

A steadily growing professional services firm which had just merged with another sizable firm was facing a succession dilemma. Their long-standing Managing Partner was ready to scale back and succession planning was not in place. Their top producer as well as a couple other partners were interested in the Managing Partner role. However, the incumbent…

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1 Journey Through Organization, Ulrich, Kryscynski, Ulrich, Brockbank. McGraw-Hill, 2017.

2 2015 McKinsey Study found on average, 70% of change management initiatives fail due to lack of organizational behavior transformation and ineffective internal communication. With HR’s change management expertise, the change management failure rate can drop to 20%.