“The process The HRC took my HR team through began to develop a different skill set. I now see my staff being much more proactive in raising issues and identifying trends. I’ve now been able to back out of meetings with many clients who are now comfortable in interacting with my staff. Our corporate CEO shared that what he values from the business partners is the ‘alternate view of the current reality.’ I was pleased with that because what he was expressing was his great appreciation for us keeping everyone out of group-think.

I think one of the other great outcomes was that it helped develop my people to become stronger in the work they do – they are now invited to VP, Director, Manager and Supervisor meetings and the meetings won’t go anywhere without HR. The work you did with us helped them to become data rational as well as to learn how to work in a consultative manner, how to be a participant (in business meetings) and advance the conversation and how to use questions to provide perspective without driving direction down.”