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Our consultants are experts in solving complex challenges in culture transformation, building exceptional HR performance and HR retained search. With highly customized solutions, we consistently create wins for our remarkable clients on ‘missions impossible.’ No ‘silver bullets’ or ‘off the shelf’ solutions when you work with us!

Culture / DEI Shifting, Leadership Development, HR & OD, Change Management & Retained Search Consulting Expertise Across Organization Industry, Size, and Stage of Growth

From assessment to design and development then implementation, our stellar track record proves our value with start-up, entrepreneurial, rapid growth, mature, turnaround, acquiring and to be acquired organizations. Partnering with our clients, we actively transfer our capability to their staff to deliver higher ROI and sustainable results.

Regan Traub

“We are honored and humbled by the tremendous trust placed in us by clients and incredibly proud of our team’s exceptional track record for more than 25 years. We are gratified by the global research by David Ulrich’s team that has validated what we have known and practiced since our founding in 1995 – that design and implementation of integrated systems in the HR & OD function creates significantly higher value for an organization”

– Regan MacBain Traub, Founder & Managing Principal

How can we help you accelerate your organizational value?

Learn how our partnership with clients makes a more meaningful difference.

Ahead of the Best Practice Curve

In 1995, we began to introduce the practice of integrated systems in HR & OD to organizations in the Northeast based on learning organization theories and systems thinking of Peter Senge1… widely used and proven to increase efficiency, effectiveness and value in operations and functions other than HR.

Recent research by David Ulrich, Ph.D.2 proves that integrated systems significantly elevate organizational value when implemented in HR and OD functions.

1 The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization, by Peter Senge. Doubleday, 1994.
2 Victory Through Organization, by Ulrich, Kryscynski, Ulrich & Brockbank. McGraw-Hill, 2017.

Our Mission

The Human Resource Consortium is the trusted partner and catalyst in building significantly higher value through people in organizations. We will be the high value consultancy that builds efficient and effective organizational growth and sustainability. Through best-in-class, integrated people solutions that make sense for each unique client, we effectively support the organization’s strategy and culture… at reasonable cost.

Our Commitment to You

The Human Resource Consortium’s Operating Principles:

respect icon

Respect each organization and its people, seeking first to understand rather than be heard as well as to sensitively impart truth.

achievement icon

Accelerate achievement of desired strategy and culture through highly customized and integrated, straight-forward, practical and compelling solutions to enhance employee engagement.

facilitate icon

Facilitate employees’ ability to quickly grasp and trust organization strategy and practices by establishing ‘clear lines of sight’ from strategy to their individual performance.

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Provide realistic recommendations that assure implementation efficacy.

assure icon

Assure our work will result in value for investment, reduce risk and contribute to organizational well-being.

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Create implementation and communication plans that are transparent, timely and culturally sensitive; consistently model collaboration, teamwork, authenticity and exceptional ethics.

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Mitigate consulting cost and dependency by developing clients’ internal capability for sustainable solutions. Actively partner with and develop leaders and staff in the creation and implementation of solutions.

Bottom Line… Results Count.

What our clients experience and then say as a result of our work is what really matters. Hear how we’ve made a difference that’s been valued.