The HRC was referred by a Fortune 500 client to one of its clients – a privately-held, 2,000 employee, eastern seaboard-based retail organization. It needed D&I advisory consulting and training support to design, develop, commence, guide, and help implement a diversity and inclusion initiative to support rapid expansion into new, diverse markets in five (5) years.

We began working with their leadership team, developing strategy and championship capability and seeding D&I awareness through communications and training. In the second year we equipped their HR staff with the capability and tools to align the HR systems to a high performing D&I culture as well as become effective HR as well as D&I consultants who would enable accelerated achievement of the organization’s D&I goals. Our proprietary HR as D&I AcceleratorSM program quickly taught their HR team to assess, prioritize, and develop HR practices to create a holistic, integrated HR infrastructure and capability to propel their D&I cultural transformation. In partnership, we worked with their HR staff to modify HR systems and practices to advance the D&I culture shift.

The impact? Our client:

  • Was ready to fly solo within 3.5 years, in advance of the stretch goal of 5 years (from a norm of 8-12 years);
  • Developed a more collaborative, energized, and friction-less culture shift;
  • Built higher levels of internal competence, employee engagement and culture shift sustainability while mitigating consultant cost and dependency; and
  • Achieved its desired five-year expansion strategy.