A hospital’s VP, HR envisioned a restructure of his HR department where roles would be matrixed to an unusually high level, with staff matrixed and double-hatted. Given the complexity of the design, he felt the need for an objective 3rd party to work with his HR staff in creating their job descriptions, market pricing each of their roles to a weighted combination of benchmark roles and then setting a range [25th to 75th percentile] for each role.

We introduced their staff to an accountability-based job description template then, had their HR staff develop the first draft of their job description. Our team then guided them to a completed document for validation by the VP. Upon JD approval, we conducted the market pricing utilizing two different, highly regarded salary surveys with 2-3 benchmarks in each survey for each role. We then developed a salary range for each job that was easily defensible. Their VP, HR and Compensation Director approved our recommendations without any change.