Current Retained Searches

For more than 25 years, clients across industries rely on us to conduct exclusive retained searches. Our fee is more reasonable, our guarantee is solid, we complete searches within 2 to 7 months, we maintain a 99% fill rate and 98% success rate after one year, and include extensive consulting support… in sum, a significantly higher value proposition and we consistently deliver on our commitments. Why invest in less?

Searches We Complete

  • Executive Team: CEO, CFO, CAO, CDO, CHRO, COO CPO, CSCO
  • Executive Team Succession
  • HR: All Specialties, managerial and above

To adeptly understand the needs of each unique client and search, The Human Resource Consortium’s team takes greater care in its thorough data gathering phase. We consistently interview, and may also conduct focus groups of, numerous stakeholders (up, down, lateral, and perhaps external) to:

  • Understand the organizational environment and reveal the lesser understood intrinsics of each opportunity, identifying what it will take in a candidate’s background and style to excel within the specific organizational mission, strategy, culture, transformational needs, interpersonal dynamics, and behavioral styles of each key stakeholder, etc.;
  • Clarify the potential trajectory, timeline, and competency growth needs for a successful candidate;
  • Assess the existing job description against best practices for the role and content as well as for relevant knowledge, skills, abilities, expected outcomes, reporting relationships, etc. and provide our clients with recommendations for revision prior to commencing the search; and
  • Co-develop with our client best practice and highly customized selection and onboarding processes.

Current Searches We’re Conducting

Click on any of the job titles below which interest you and for which you believe you may be qualified, to learn more about the organization, responsibilities, requirements, and more.


So we can better assure that our candidate outreach, selection, onboarding, and placement support is highly effective… to continue to earn our stellar search success. We’re a boutique firm that takes the time to get to know and care about you. We also provide career counseling to support those seeking roles in which we work. We do our homework so you can trust you are well qualified, have a firm grasp of what the position will require from you, and that your behavioral style and strengths will support you for success.

A Win-Win-Win Solution

We make sure it’s a win for you, our client, and us. We will deeply explore your values, behavioral style, experiences, skills, career goals and ambitions and provide you with candid guidance to ensure we help you experience success in your next career step.

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What you can expect from us

When you are fully qualified for an open search we are conducting, you’ll get the following:

  • A prompt, 20-30 minute telephone screening call;
  • Following a successful, initial conversation, a lengthy, in-depth in-person or video conference interview with a search professional from our team;
  • Potential additional data gathering tool(s) for you to complete which may include completion of a specific skills matrix, writing sample, or tool required by our client;
  • A requirement for you to provide four (4) to six (6) professional references including a mix of those you’ve reported to, peers, and those who have reported to you;
  • To provide you with resume and interviewing feedback and coaching; and
  • Timely updates of the search timeline, process, status, and client feedback.