Sought out by the General Counsel who wanted to assure this new business owner of HR compliance for this established firm, we were also queried about our ability to help them create job descriptions and an employee handbook. In gathering information from the CEO, we learned that work was being bottle-necked with the owner’s directive to keep decision-making rights at the top. However, it was styming his ability to grow the business. While we were reviewing accountability-based job descriptions with him, we raised the idea of leveraging the value of the employee handbook we were writing. We could develop a decision-making matrix to facilitate decisions by staff at various levels and across the organization to free up his time to devote to business development.

We spent a few hours with the CEO to understand decision making needs, parameters, concerns and opportunities then created an easy to grasp matrix that would guide employees to understand what decisions they should make and how they should go about doing so. And, during the rollout of the employee handbook, we conducted training on the policies of the firm and how to go about making decisions with the CEO providing examples from his experience. It was a game changing strategy that increased organizational growth and employee engagement/fulfillment.