A 175 employee internet-based high tech that served as its industry leader was in rapid growth and planning for a potential IPO. The Board of Directors mandated a high performing HR function and a VP, HR to fuel the company’s growth without loss of the creative, friendly and fun culture. During the first two years of the organization, a high level administrative staff member had handled the personnel transactions but the complex needs of the organization had outpaced her.

On a consulting basis, after interviewing all senior executives of the firm, The HRC developed a HR function profile, a role description for the new VP of HR and a roadmap to infrastructure priorities with timeline. We quickly identified four candidates that fit the breadth of current and future experience needs and culture. Within 45 days of project commencement, the candidate was selected and began working for the firm. The cost to the firm was 25% of what they would have spent with a search firm.

The senior management interviews indicated the lack of a senior management “team” and strategic business plan. We participated in and/or facilitated leadership meetings to ensure sound business, structure, planning and leadership, coached leadership team members, collaborated with the VP-HR to create and implement firm policies, practices and HR infrastructure, developed training programs for managers and new managers and provided guidance on internal communications.

Their remarkably diverse staff had been brought together to disrupt the market place. They were rules averse yet we needed to create policies, a handbook and supervisory manual that were compliant, true to their renegade spirit and fun to learn and adhere to. Working closely with their marketing firm we created a ‘home run’ which was featured in the news as an innovative, trend-setting employee tool including delivery ‘vehicle’ and rollout. We’ll be happy to show you why!