The F100 division’s President needed to halt the exceptionally high cost from 50% manager turnover per year. And, Corporate HR did not have time to support this effort. We were already working with them on a competency modeling project to shift IT platforms and were top of mind. We advised it would take about a week of time to complete what was needed and unbudgeted. To facilitate efficiency in understanding this issue’s landscape, we asked for and received key organizational context on strategy and operating plans as well as HR systems and tools with which the managers had to work.

After reviewing all the background documents, it became abundantly clear that with their hierarchical job descriptions, team-based performance management system, individual rewards, 9 different major training initiatives and a strategic plan that had not been communicated, they had a siloed mess which was causing tremendous confusion and frustration for their employees and managers. After validating our findings with our client, we shared a ‘roadmap’ for rectifying the issue which could be handled by their Corporate HR team, saving signficant cost.