“We’ve been participating in a competitive, statewide employee engagement survey for many years. Our leaders feel we’ve not been getting enough value from it and want to transition to a more impactful engagement survey. We receive lots of data from the survey company without insights or recommendations as to what to do next. We need an expert who can guide us with analysis and data-driven recommendations for this year. And, next year, create a new engagement survey that will tie to our strategy. Can you help us?”

Yes. The HRC’s team has remarkable survey expertise and experience in designing surveys, analyzing and reporting on survey results, and providing recommendations for going forward. And, based on the specific survey results, we develop highly customized and prioritized ‘roadmaps’ for leaders to easily select initiatives in which to invest.

Within a week, The HRC helped our client finalize survey questions to meet their tight ‘go live’ deadline. And, within three weeks of receiving the data, we provided our analysis and report, with recommendations to the project team. Their response? “It’s like you were a fly on the wall in our hallways and offices. What you deduced from the various data is true to who we are and how we operate. And, your insights and recommendations make perfect sense to us. Your work has been incredibly valuable to us.”