A hospital under a new senior leadership team was embarking on a carefully orchestrated turnaround. It needed an accurate assessment of the HR function to assure compliance and efficacy. To gain objective and subjective data, we conducted our proprietary HR function assessment survey with first and second tier managers to identify critical trends as well as one-on-one interviews to clarify and validate findings. And, we conducted a site audit of the HR function and reviewed its systems and practices, including interviews of each HR staff member to assess capability and gain insight for meaningful performance elevation.

Within 60 days, we provided the senior team with a ‘roadmap’ that thoughtfully recommended changes in structure, practices and policies as well as the profile for the new VP of HR. We then began a successful search for a strategic HR leader to support a road to fiscal and operational health.

We also needed to guide the communications for soft close of a defined benefits plan with a shift to 401(k) as well as a first ever reduction in force (RIF). The identification of staff for the RIF was completed by the leadership team. The HRC was charged with creating an atypical, “exceptional” outplacement program to enable the organization to easily rehire these long-tenured individuals when finances allowed. Our Paths to the FutureSM program was heralded by its participants as ‘a gift’ to the President, Chairman of the Board and the surviving staff.