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angry call

Why Are You Calling Me?!!

Almost a decade ago, I was a brand-new consultant at a Fortune 500, developing the communications on the need for awareness in the cybersecurity realm. As I began working on an internal marketing campaign, I called the company’s videographer to ask a few questions about how I should go about using his services. I could…

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Reciprocity: Culture Shifting for Greater Good

To truly grasp the power of ‘reciprocity’ in the workplace, we first must reflect upon the traditional organizational tone. Organizational behavior begins with the recruiting process which serves as the organization’s customary approach to developing a relationship with applicants. It then persists through every facet of the employee/employer relationship… the Talent Management Life Cycle. You’ll…

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Organizational Priorities: HR Causal Link

To accelerate organizational growth and HR value, The Human Resource Consortium, LLC launches its cutting edge and forward-fueling HR research study beta test in Eastern CT on June 1. This survey beta test is being championed by the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern CT. To ensure high efficacy of the research study, The HRC has…

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Presenting… “Exceeding Needs with Superseding Deeds”

Presenting… “Exceeding Needs with Superseding Deeds” At WorldatWork’s 2022 Global Annual Rewards Conference, Atlanta, GA – May 23, 2022 Regan and Kawel will present an EvolveTalk (TEDTalk format) on leading edge wellbeing practices. On May 23rd, we will present “Exceeding Needs with Superseding Deeds.” We’ll share three (3) pivotal strategies to create multiplier effects while…

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Choice: Strengthening or Deteriorating Brand

While facing trends of organizational disengagement and conflict, leaders and HR will need to be super-vigilant in support to customer facing staff for the near term. Today’s stressors on people infuse powerful emotions. And, the potential for collision in the delivery of service is at an all-time high… challenging brand strength. Individuals charged with providing…

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Crucial Competencies for 2022

For many, year end transition to the New Year manifests poignant reflection on where we’ve excelled and where we have opportunities and commitment to grow. In this incredibly challenging time to succeed, each of us will need to: Carefully examine our rapidly changing landscapes to see today’s accurate reality; Operate with high levels of integrity,…

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rock up a hill

The Challenges We Face

Organizations, communities, schools, individuals, and families have been increasingly weathering fast, and more complex change resulting in challenges for people including, but not limited to: Mounting global competition sparking demands for greater and faster innovation with reduced cost after continued, fatiguing squeezes to do more with less; Rapidly shifting reliance on technology and social media…

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Improve Employees’ Confidence in Benefits Choices: Simplify!

Tell me if you can relate to this… You’ve painstakingly completed your most recent benefits enrollment guide/communication materials, which you vetted through colleagues, your team, corporate communications and your leadership. It has taken substantial time and energy ensuring accuracy, readability and finding the right balance between too much/too little information. The finished product is a…

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Today’s Change Management: The Case for HR’s Critical Role

Why Engage HR in Organizational Change Management? Well before COVID-19, McKinsey reported in 2015 that, despite abundant investments in Organizational Change Management [“OCM”], these investments have not been reflected in organizational ROI. In fact, they cited a 70% failure rate to achieve OCM goals. Most notably, this poor outcome has been due to a lack…

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