“Your approach was very much appreciated…one lawyer on our staff told me that she found your practical examples and use of real life experiences much more engaging than the “usual” lawyer-esque approaches to the subject of D&I, discrimination and harassment. One of our male employees said it was the first time he has been to a session like this where he didn’t feel “branded” as a perpetrator because of being male. High praise from a usually very tough crowd to please.”

HR DirectorNonprofit Foundation

“My sincere thanks for the excellent quality of work you contributed throughout this assignment and the outstanding presentation you provided. You should all be quite proud of your individual and collective efforts.”
Your clear, straightforward and unvarnished delivery of the organization’s realities is essential to ensure the General Council understands the most urgent challenges and potential solutions they must focus upon.
You conveyed the audit findings and recommendations with clarity and sensitivity and appeared to have fully engaged the General Council. I am deeply appreciative of this.”

COOGlobal Education Nonprofit

“I want to thank you so very much for your support, counsel and wisdom. It has been an extraordinarily challenging few months and I would not have been able to survive it all without you and your terrific team.”

General CounselEducation & Healthcare Nonprofit

“We engaged The HRC to manage our Human Resources Department between the departure of our former VP of HR and the recruitment and selection of a new VP of HR, to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the current team, and to assist in the transition to a new HR leader. They came highly recommended by an excellent regional law firm.

They completed the deliverables in the time allotted and on budget. It is worth noting that “on time” and “on budget” were very difficult to predict because they were driven by a national recruitment effort. The staff were absolutely knowledgeable and professional and more than knowledgeable, they were strategic and insightful. Since that engagement ended, I have seen Regan in a variety of other professional settings and met other clients who have benefited from their services. I continue to be impressed.”

General Counsel, NA$1B Global Manufacturer/Distributor

“The process The HRC took my HR team through began to develop a different skill set. I now see my staff being much more proactive in raising issues and identifying trends. I’ve now been able to back out of meetings with many clients who are now comfortable in interacting with my staff. Our corporate CEO shared that what he values from the business partners is the ‘alternate view of the current reality.’ I was pleased with that because what he was expressing was his great appreciation for us keeping everyone out of group-think.

I think one of the other great outcomes was that it helped develop my people to become stronger in the work they do – they are now invited to VP, Director, Manager and Supervisor meetings and the meetings won’t go anywhere without HR. The work you did with us helped them to become data rational as well as to learn how to work in a consultative manner, how to be a participant (in business meetings) and advance the conversation and how to use questions to provide perspective without driving direction down.”

Senior HR DirectorFortune 100 Manufacturing/Distribution

“When I had determined that the then existing HR structure was failing to meet the needs of the organization, I brought The HRC into my organization. I saw high levels of employee turnover, employee dissatisfaction that was translating into substandard client care and an apparent disconnect between what our roles were and what the job descriptions and related competencies were. When we engaged The HRC it was literally for them to create a plan that would support the organizational culture that I had convinced the Board to adopt when I was hired. We chose The HRC after looking at several different firms that had been suggested to us. I was looking for someone/some entity that had the broad and deep exposure to service providing organizations. The HRC was the clear winner as far as the breadth of their experience, the quality of their team and the company’s ability to augment its team of consultants with additional expertise when needed.

Over the 4+ year period that we have worked with The HRC, they have delivered each product on time and at or below budget projection. They have been extremely accommodating to our revenue cycles, oftentimes giving us the option to break a large project down into smaller units that fit our budget and workforce demands. We have used The HRC for audit and workforce analysis, employee relations, design and creation of job descriptions and competitive compensation analysis, performance based evaluation design, mandatory State and Fed employee reporting, management training and even HR leadership recruitment.

We have been very pleased and confident in the quality of their work. Staff are knowledgeable, professional, experienced and, perhaps most importantly, people of great character and sincerity. They believe in their work and believe in the value of the work that their clients do. They have often gone “the extra mile” to accommodate our learning curve and our willingness to change and adapt. Finally, as with anything that we commit our financial resources to, we look for value—I can say without hesitation that the consultation and support that we have purchased from The HRC over the years has been of extraordinary value. The organization and our people have benefitted greatly from The HRC’s efforts and advice. We consider them an essential business partner. It is without any reservation that I would strongly encourage organizations to consider them as a strategic partner of their organization.”

CEONonProfit Community Healthcare Provider

“The HRC is a true boutique-oriented consulting firm that brings intelligence to a management team.”

President & CEOHealthcare System

“The HRC team brought new insights, clear thinking, a crisp business focus and energy to our Company.”

Diversity DirectorF100 Financial Services