Life Cycles & Business Strategies

Since 1995, The Human Resource Consortium has supported organizations going through Entrepreneurial, Early Growth, Growth, Maturity, Decline, Renewal, and Late Growth Trap (Turnaround) Life Cycles. And, our consulting team has the proven expertise to guide Startup / Rapid Growth, IPO / SPAC / Sale Positioning, M&A Integration, Alliances or Affiliations, International & Global Expansion, Restructures, and Turnarounds.

Where We Help

  • Communications Strategies, Plans, and Messaging
  • Organizational Assessments
  • Restructures
  • Culture Shifts
  • People Systems Change
  • Change Management
  • Workforce Plans & Shifts
  • Outplacement Support
  • Interim/Ancillary HR Support

The various Life Cycle Stages, Resource Needs & Outcomes, and Needed Priorities. Our mindsets remain business-focused first… and HR & OD as second.

What’s HR’s Value Proposition?

  • Underpin Business Strategy
  • Nurture Strategy-Aligned and Competitively Advantaged Culture
  • Be Externally (and Internally) Customer-Driven
  • Have better than Best-in-Class processes to assure Competitive Edge
  • Facilitate and Co-Lead Organizational Change, Engagement, People Solutions, and Resilience
  • Deliver Optimum use of Resources, then Speed

HR Must Add Value (regardless of life cycle)

  • Co-leading clear, concise, and compelling Communication of Vision, Mission, & Values.
  • Consistently demonstrating strong Business as well as HR and Business Expertise.
  • Strengthening the Organization
  • Instilling transparency and ‘clear lines of sight’ to strategy
  • Continually positioning HR strategies, based on metrics and analytics
  • Building market-differentiated, resilient, and innovative cultures focused on extraordinary products/services
  • Enhancing productivity, performance, and engagement
  • Expediting knowledge preservation and transfer
  • Strengthening succession and career growth options
  • Effecting simple, efficient, and effective People Systems

Key Organizational Strategies & Key HR Levers (Value)

key strategies and hr levers

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