Optimize People, HR & OD Systems

Wouldn’t you prefer HR & OD as a value creator than expense driver?

Since 1995, our expansive, all-senior practice team has assessed, reimagined, redesigned, developed, implemented, and consistently enhanced the broad array of People, HR & OD Systems in organizations across size, industry, life cycle, and complexity to deliver significantly higher value.

Optimize People, HR & OD Systems

Our team’s senior consulting experts intentionally partner with our clients to co-navigate and elevate the efficacy of HR & OD functionality. Our methodologies and solutions enable people to accelerate the achievement of culture change, employee engagement, and strategic goals. As proven HR, OD, & People Systems advisors, we partner with HR to educate leaders and managers to effectively utilize their people systems, aligned with their unique strategy and culture. And, our secret sauce… we guide the creation of a highly customized, People Powerhouse for each client to increase HR’s value and create harder to replicate competitive edge.

We’ve gotten it ‘right’ the first time, every time, on time, and on or under budget.

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What’s different about working with The HRC on HR & OD Capability and Systems?

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We highly customize the People Systems to each client’s strategy and desired culture. We don’t believe in, nor deploy, “silver bullets”… ever!

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The HRC’s senior practice (only) consultants stay abreast of HR & OD best practices and partner with you to ensure that you grasp and can capitalize on best in class HR & OD practices that ‘fit’ your specific organization to best position your culture as an enduring competitive edge.

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As aligned and integrated systems have been relied upon in other organizational functions for decades, in 1995 we were one of the nation’s first to bring this methodology to HR & OD. We have a proven track record in aligning an organization’s People Systems to their specific organizational strategy and desired culture. And, our highly customizing and integrating the array of people systems sets us far apart from most.

Our work helps leaders and employees at all levels make sense of people systems by creating an understanding of ‘why,’ greater clarity, and WIIFM about how to work. Ultimately, we help to increase an organization’s performance and value. Did you know that integrated systems in HR & OD can elevate the performance and value of an organization by 4x?

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Our work contributes to the development of a more highly engaged workforce. Did you know that highly engaged employees have proven to create 233% customer loyalty?

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We actively partner with our clients and transfer our knowledge and capability to their staff to mitigate against consultant dependency and to elevate our clients’ ROI.

Through your HR & OD function and its people systems, an organization can realize a 6X increase of performance and value.

How else could you achieve that level of growth for your organization?

Our Work in People Systems

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While partnering with our clients to develop HR & OD systems, we simultaneously develop their ownership and capacity to effectively implement and manage the system(s) they’ve co-created with us.

"The work you did with us helped our HR Business Partners to become data rational as well as to learn how to work in a consultative manner, how to be a participant in business meetings, advance the conversation, and how to use questions to provide perspective without driving direction down."

Senior HR Director, Fortune 100 Manufacturing

"The HRC’s team exceeded our expectations and I found them to be professional, responsive, knowledgeable, and world-class. They delivered above and beyond and are a great resource."

Director, Nonprofit Organization

People Systems Case Studies

Averted Affirmative Action Crisis

The HRC was contacted by a law firm partner about a client in crisis. The client was a long-term Federal subcontractor with 350 employees. They had just received notice of an OFCCP site audit and demand for submission of their current Affirmative Action Plan and Salary Analysis within the next thirty days. The firm had…

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Complex Compensation Equation

A hospital’s VP, HR envisioned a restructure of his HR department where roles would be matrixed to an unusually high level, with staff matrixed and double-hatted. Given the complexity of the design, he felt the need for an objective 3rd party to work with his HR staff in creating their job descriptions, market pricing each…

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High Turnover Costs Demand an Integrated HR Mega-Systems

The F100 division’s President needed to halt the exceptionally high cost from 50% manager turnover per year. And, Corporate HR did not have time to support this effort. We were already working with them on a competency modeling project to shift IT platforms and were top of mind. We advised it would take about a…

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Global High Tech’s Rapid Expansion

A rapidly growing, global high tech manufacturer with strong R&D function, had been operating quietly and growing moderately on a sizable campus in Connecticut. Due to shifts in locations of production lines and substantially increased demand for products, their staffing needs were about to skyrocket from a level of thirty-five hires per year to sixty…

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Greater Business Development from Employee Handbook Innovation

Sought out by the General Counsel who wanted to assure this new business owner of HR compliance for this established firm, we were also queried about our ability to help them create job descriptions and an employee handbook. In gathering information from the CEO, we learned that work was being bottle-necked with the owner’s directive…

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HR as a Business Accelerator

The HRC was brought into a Fortune 500 utility to transform the performance of two dozen business line-supportive HR professionals and managers, most of whom were operating as transactional service providers. We conducted individual interviews with HR and non-HR executives to understand the organization’s needs and resistance to gains through HR. In partnership with the…

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