Stacy Walsh

Adjunct HR & Organization Development Consultant

Stacy WalshStacy is a proven, integral HR and Operations leader who addresses complex business challenges and aligns HR and operational best practices with strategic vision. Understanding that culture is the heartbeat of an organization, her strength in communications has consistently enabled her to create positive work environments, elevate employee morale and retention, and boost performance through onboarding and coaching. She works tirelessly to nurture connections among team members tapping into her abundant emotional intelligence, empathy, and commitment to the team’s success.

Within her capacity of HR leadership, Stacy has led Talent Acquisition, Selection and Onboarding as well as HR Policies, Employee Relations, Compensation, Benefits, HR Operations, and Compliance. Additionally, she has been charged with Culture development including DEI, Innovation and Creativity for a digital marketing agency.

As an Operations leader within Professional Services and Hospitality industries, Stacy has been responsible for setting strategic goals, oversight of operational activities for efficiency and effectiveness, staffing and staff supervision, training, performance management, policy development and implementation, regulatory compliance, budgeting and financial reporting, inventory, opening new locations, developing training manuals and conducting hospitality training for staff, and supervision of staff. Her well-deserved title of “Queen of Affability” within the hospitality industry provides evidence of her interpersonal acumen.

Stacy attended Emmanuel College in Boston with a major in English Literature and Communications. She remains passionate about continuous reading and learning and, as a believer in giving back to those less fortunate than she, has given of her time to serve as a foster parent.