Rebecca Melley

Adjunct HR & Organization Development Consultant

Rebecca MelleyRebecca is a proven Project Manager, DEIA Advocate, and Social Media Coordinator. She has partnered with members of our team on organization development initiatives within corporate and nonprofit environments. In culture and behavioral shifting initiatives, she has contributed her diversity, equity, and inclusion lens as a gifted millennial and Latina. Additionally, her research, journalism, data gathering, analytical, and acting strengths have delivered valued resources, findings and recommendations reports, and engaging interactive insights to people at all levels of the organization.

‘Becca’ has leveraged her knowledge and talent as an actress in filmed role plays as well as to create inclusive social media content, produce virtual and in-person professional development events, create effective community outreach initiatives, and build organizational relationships. Additionally, she has assisted in the design, organization, and facilitation of executive leadership education. For a recent, large health care provider client, she researched and created a DEIB library with over 300 resources where she read and reported on hundreds of books then provided her recommendations for selection. A versatile, interpersonally and technologically adept, and savvy young woman, Becca has a bright future as do her clients as a result of her exceptional capabilities in communications, teaming, and project management.

‘Becca’ also works as a Project Manager and Social Media Coordinator for the Latinas in Leadership Institute where she provides program development, operational expertise and instructional design knowledge to create equitable learning spaces to elevate her Latina community. She led research and benchmarking for the development of the pilot program, the LMS evaluation and team onboarding, developed the participant application process and tools, and program evaluation rubric. On an ongoing basis, Becca assists in curriculum and program content design, website design and content creation, collaborates on instructional design, and assists in data collection and aggregation.

She is a proud University of Connecticut graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. Additionally, she partners with the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence and is member of their Connecticut Statewide leadership board (DELTA).