Our Work
When you need to accelerate results and elevate HR & OD’s value, have a HR/OD ‘mission impossible’ or want to enhance your leadership team’s effectiveness… call us.
With 25 years of exceptional success, you can count on our delivering a ‘win’ for you.
Industry Expertise

Primary Industries

  • Financial Services
  • Governmental
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing, Utilities & Distribution
  • NonProfit

Additional Industries

  • Construction
  • Entertainment
  • High Tech
  • Professional Services
Life Cycles
  • Start-up
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Rapid Growth
  • Mature, Turnaround
  • To Be Acquired
  • M&A Integration
Who's Our Client?
  • Board of Directors
  • CEO or Business Owner
  • CFO
  • CAO
  • CHRO
  • General Counsel and/or Outside Counsel

When Should You Call Us?

When you need elevated or objective HR or Organization Development expertise.

  • Strategy-Driven Organization, Department, or Process Design or Alignment
  • Organization, Shared Services or HR Function Assessment & Roadmap
  • Culture Shifting to Drive Strategy
  • Enriched Leadership and/or Management Effectiveness
  • HR Function or System(s) and Practices Transformation
  • Large-Scale HR Initiatives
  • HR Compliance Audit or Preparation for External Site/Desk Audit
  • Objective Investigation and/or Expert Testimony
  • Elevation of HR Skills & Capability
  • Specialized Expertise
  • New or Interim HR Leadership

The Expanse of Our Work

Organizational Resilience

Rapid (30 Day) Assessment
Customized / Focused Assessment

Organizational Resilience Development

Strategic Visioning
Capacity Building
Cultural Enablement & Alignment
Structural, Process & Governance Agility
Business Continuity/Scenario Planning
Workforce Planning
Succession Planning
Change Management for Resilience & Sustainability

Leadership and Individual Assessment, Development & Coaching

Emotional Intelligence
Mindset Shifts & Change Readiness
Individual, Team & Organization Resilience
Teaming & Collaboration

Organization Design, Alignment & Performance

Organization Design & Alignment

Needs Assessment, Due Diligence, Facilitation, Design & Implementation for Agility, Centralization, Decentralization, Profit-Generating Shared Services and Business Partner Models in Rapid Growth, M&A or Turnaround Modes at Organization, Function and Process Levels

Organization Effectiveness

Objective and Subjective Data Gathering Assessment & Roadmaps

Organization Performance Metrics

Strategy to Function, Team and Role Metrics

Process Scaling

Increase Customer Experience, Efficiency and Cost Reduction

Valued, Cohesive Leadership

Individual and Team Assessment

Self-Assessment, 360 Instruments, Executive Coaching, Career Planning, Team Facilitation & Coaching

Development Planning & Systems

Competency Models, Career Pathing, Professional Development Systems, Succession Planning

Executive Coaching

Individual, Intact or Virtual Team, Domestic and Global

Culture Shift & Change Championship

Accountability & Performance, Collaboration, Customer Experience, D&I, Digitalization, Intact/Virtual Teaming

Leadership Cohesion and Collaboration

Team Facilitation/Group Coaching

Leadership, Department/Function, Project Team, Virtual Team

Higher Value HR Functionality

HR Assessment, Design & Implementation

Structure, Capacity & Service Delivery, Compliance, Comprehensive or Identified System(s), Policies, Practices, HR Performance Metrics

HR Planning

Strategic, Operations, Communications

M&A Due Diligence & Integration

Employment Branding

Talent Acquisition

Assessment, Design & Implementation of Systems & Practices, Large-Scale Initiatives, Onboarding, Rapid Assimilation, Interim HR Leadership, Retained Search

Paths to the FutureSM

Outplacement, Career Counseling


Competency Models, Metrics, Development & Management Systems

Employee & Labor Relations

Policies and Procedures; Move Strategies to ‘Labor Relations Strategies & Negotiations’

Total Rewards

Job Descriptions, FLSA Compliance, Competitive Market Studies, Compression Analysis, Base Salary & Incentive Systems Design & Implementation, Sales & Incentive Compensation, Benefits Needs Assessment & Strategies, Benefits Evaluations, Recognition & Rewards Programs, Plan Implementation & Communications

HR Technology Selection & Implementation

Objective Needs Assessments, RFPs, Selection Support, Negotiations & Contracting for HRIS/ATS/T&A, Communications, Implementation & Training Support

Outsourcing Strategies & Management

Interim HR Leadership

HR/OD Search

Role & Candidate Consultation, Stakeholder Alignment, Best Practice Selection Methodology & Tools, 3-4 On-Target Candidates, In-depth Candidate Summaries, Detailed Skills Matrixes, Verbatim Deep-Dive Reference Results from Former Managers, Total Rewards Consultation, Onboarding Recommendations, Rapid Assimilation Option, 1 Year Guarantee with 6-9 Months’ Check-ins to Assure ‘Fit.’ Average 45-60 Days for Candidate Slate and 3-4 Month Total Cycle Time… Retainer and Balance Upon Completion/Position Close.

Accelerated, Strategy-Enabling Culture Shifts & Change Management

Culture Assessment & Management

Culture Expertise

Customer Engagement, Expansion & Retention
Diversity, Inclusion & Collaboration
Performance & Accountability
Virtual & Global Teaming

Internal Communications Strategies & Plans


Readiness Assessment, Planning & Alignment, Metrics, Championship, Team Effectiveness, Training, Implementation & Management, Progress Assessment, Communications

High Impact Org. Development Functionality

Workforce Planning

Succession Planning


Needs Assessments

Executive Coaching

Corporate Events

Advances, Conferences, Product/Initiative Launches

Consulting Skills Training

Business Partner, D&I

HR Skills Training

Best Practice Talent Acquisition & Management, HR Compliance, FMLA Administration

Management Training

Supervisor/Manager, Change Management, Discrimination & Harassment Prevention, HIPAA, FMLA/ADA Administration, Ethics & Ethical Decision Making, Selection, Employee & Labor Relations, Total Rewards Administration, Performance Coaching & Management, Teaming, D&I, Collaboration, Conflict Management, Situational Leadership

Employee Training

Change, Discrimination & Harassment Prevention, Ethics, Call Center & Customer Service Excellence, Teaming, Collaboration, Conflict Management, Leadership

Higher Value Retained Search

Role Consultation

Gratis Role Validation, JD Updates

Stakeholder Alignment

Gratis – Assure Decision Makers Agree on Candidate Profile and Style… to Ensure You Maintain Your Top Candidates’ Interest with Consistent Perceptions.

Richer Candidate Portfolios

Resumes, Summaries, Skills Matrixes and Verbatim Reference Results in Advance of Interviews

Selection Consultation

Gratis Best Practice Interview Methodology & Tools

Onboarding Recommendations & Support

Gratis Consultation on Best Practice Onboarding for Key Knowledge, Resources and Connections upon start

Rapid Assimilation

High-Value Option to Accelerate & Elevate Productivity in First 90 Days

Search Success Check-ins

6-9 Months’ Gratis Check-ins with Hiring Manager and New Hire to Assure Great Fit.