choicesWhile facing trends of organizational disengagement and conflict, leaders and HR will need to be super-vigilant in support to customer facing staff for the near term. Today’s stressors on people infuse powerful emotions. And, the potential for collision in the delivery of service is at an all-time high… challenging brand strength. Individuals charged with providing customer service are sensitized to and guarded for their emotional and physical wellbeing. Simultaneously, customers with work and/or family issues are seeking more timely, attentive, and caring service. With focused, expert support, brand driven customer bonds can be strengthened through exceptional people interface to yield greater market differentiation as well as customer appreciation, retention, and referrals… while competitors may experience greater struggle.

Never has the time for advancing the value of human resource/talent management been more crucial to the success of organizations. Needs for innovation, collaboration, emotional intelligence, and resilience are what we consider the ‘heartbeat’ of an organization… and, fundamental outcomes of work we’ve been doing in DEI and customer service excellence for more than 25 years. Change is inevitable. Growth is a choice.