floating ball

floating ballThe Human Resource Consortium has devoted decades of its work to:

  • unify organizations;
  • create engaging cultures that serve as a compelling, competitive, strategic advantage; and
  • develop organizations to become talent magnets.

An organization’s culture is the single-most difficult and longest term competitive advantage an organization can create.  Its culture must adeptly align with the organizational strategy or the strategy will falter. Peter Drucker’s famous quote, ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’ succinctly states the criticality of culture.

An organizational culture is what exists… not what is stated.  A culture is defined by principles (values), people systems, stories, rituals, vocabulary, and artifacts.  Most everything The HRC does is focused on creating the desired organizational culture through an array of people systems, including communications.

What do you want employees to experience in your organization?  What do they actually experience in your organization?