rock up a hill

Organizations, communities, schools, individuals, and families have been increasingly weathering fast, and more complex change resulting in challenges for people including, but not limited to:


  • Mounting global competition sparking demands for greater and faster innovation with reduced cost after continued, fatiguing squeezes to do more with less;
  • Rapidly shifting reliance on technology and social media within our workplaces and at home;
    Information overload impacting individuals’ ability to grasp understanding as well as develop knowledge and skills to make effective and timely decisions;
  • Acknowledgement of rising diversity across a broad spectrum of differences and unconscious biases with calls for significant change in organizational values, policies, and practices amidst heightened frustration and angst;
  • Increasing levels of addictive behaviors and misdemeanor/felony crimes;
  • Political positioning and disputes;
  • Continued generation and surges of Covid variants requiring ongoing global pandemic safety measures including regulations, protocols, and significant shifts in staffing and work arrangements to constrain transmissions, hospitalizations, and deaths…

And at the same time, we’re striving to safeguard and build organizational brand, fiscal strength and employee retention, resilience, and performance. It’s certainly not for the faint of heart. Nonetheless, our vibrancy is worth fighting for!