pyramidThink about it…how and where else can you elevate your organizational performance and value by 400 to 800%?  The research that proves it and our expertise have mattered to our clients for over 28 years.  At The HRC, first and foremost we focus on how to create the success of each unique client organization – strategically, culturally, financially, and operationally through state of the art HR strategies, policies, practices, people systems, talent engagement, and internal communications.  That said, we also support clients to strengthen their HR engine… basic HR operational functionality including compliance, HRIS, and payroll.

  • Global research in 2016 by modern day Father of HR, David Ulrich, Ph.D and his team, proved that Integrated Systems in HR & OD can contribute 400% more organizational performance and value.
  • McKinsey research proved in 2017 that effective HR expertise and leadership in Change Management can move an organization’s 70% fail rate in change management to 80% success rate.
  • And, since the 1980s, various research has reported elevated Employee Engagement/Satisfaction leads to elevated Customer Loyalty/Satisfaction and ultimately Shareholder Value, more recently quantified by Aberdeen Group at 233%.

Regardless of your organization’s industry, size or life cycle, these concepts matter critically to leaders and increasingly to employees, clients/customers, and owners/shareholders.  Enhancing clarity of strategy and role impact as well as competence for greater capacity, innovation, collaboration and elation matters more than ever.

Throughout our website you will find insights to help you develop a ‘New Age’ or ‘Actualized HR’ function including crucial research information and concepts, our mindsets, expertise, and our experiences.  Here’s information on a few critical keys to unlock your organization’s potential:

As organizations wrestle with accelerating and complex competitiveness, fiscal pressure, and change, the need for engaging employees to deliver greater discretionary effort and performance has never been this acute.  It’s time for HR & OD functions to actualize as significant value creators and emerge from being cost centers.  Few have arisen to value creation, most continue to operate as cost centers.  Which is yours?  The thoughtful investments you make in HR will deliver a meaningful ROI.  An initial conversation with us is gratis if you want to know how to best prioritize your HR investment.